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Contact: Lesley Macmillan


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TRIANON Design was created in 1993 as an all-encompassing design firm that creates comfortable and yet sophisticated spaces for both residential and commercial clients. 


Focussing on texture, window coverings, light fixtures, lamps, custom made tables, richly layered hand made custom finishes and traditionally hand made upholstery, TRIANON has created a highly regognized level of quality for personalised and unique interior design projects that transcend time.   


We are committed to working exclusively with highly skilled local artisans in order to provide the highest and durable quality. Our sources are mostly of high end traditional European inspiration.


Educated in London, England and inspired by her life and professional experience in Europe, interior designer Lesley Macmillan brings a unique flair to her work. Since 1970, she has headed leading interior design and renovation projects in Canada, the United States and in Europe.


TRIANON was developed in 1993 in collaboration with Lesley's French-born partner Bernard Le Corre.